Welcome to the Arizona Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (ARVDA)
Whether You Buy or Rent, RVing is an Adventure!

Jack Crays, President

With life getting more and more hectic, and quality time with our families becoming more the exception than the rule, it's no wonder that more and more people are discovering the great benefits of RVing.

Whether your passion is golfing, NASCAR or simply a weekend getaway with your family and friends, RVing is a wonderfully fun, surprisingly affordable way to get there more often.

RVs, or recreation vehicles, combine transportation and living quarters for a multitude of leisure and outdoor activities. Whether you are in the market for a new, used or rental RV; whether you want it for weekend jaunts or year-long journeys; whether you’re solo or have a family of eight; there’s an RV sized and priced right for you.

The Arizona Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (ARVDA) represents more than 40 RV dealerships throughout the Grand Canyon State. Dedicated to the RVing experience, these entrepreneurial member companies strive to provide the utmost customer service and employee satisfaction. Additionally, we are committed to ensure all members' practice business in a moral and ethical way that promotes a good reputation for all ARVDA members and our industry.

The ARVDA is a statewide association of RV Dealers, RV Rentals Dealers and industry suppliers and other individuals and organizations. The members of the ARVDA are committed to promoting the growth and welfare of the RV lifestyle. The ARVDA is committed to serving the needs of its members and the general public. In addition to the statewide association, a membership in the ARVDA also gives you membership in RVDA (National RV Dealers Association).

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ARVDA is affiliated with the National RV Dealers Association


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Board of Directors
Mr. Jack Crays
RV Trader
Larry Ryerson
Powers Leavitt Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. Bob Been
Affinity RV Service, Sales & Rentals
Ms. Deborah Brunoforte
Little Dealer, Little Prices-
Mr. Eric Island
Sun City RV